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80s theme party of a lifetime

The hairstyles of the 80s was so …memorable… that it deserves a whole site for itself. Never in history had we been witness to such extreme hairstyles, and hopefully never will again.

At a 80s party the hair is half the fun. This is once in a life time chance to show off your worst ever hair-day to all of your friends, with pride!!

The hair 80s makes for so many possibilities that you should honor your guests with a prize for best hairstyle of the 80s.

If you don't have large hair to begin with, but want to have the really cool 80s hair then there is always a wig. There are a lot of possibilities and practically no limits to what is allowed. The more radical you look, thus more chance do you have to win the hair contest.

Here are some examples of… hair…
Dead or Alive - You spin me right round

80s horror... eh.. Hair gallery

Mc Poser Adult Wig
Pop Star 80's Wig w/Bow
80's Olivia Wig - Eighties Costume Accessories
80's Sindee Wig - Costume Wigs
Jd Mullet Wig - Costume Wigs
Headbanger Wig in Blonde - Costume Wigs
Black Superstar Wig with Silver Tinsel - Costume Wigs
80's Rock Star Wig - Costume Wigs

80s female hairstyles

80s male hairstyles

And yes, peopel DID look like this...

If you follow these keywords you will be on the safe side:

- Bigger is better
- Haircolor is your friend
- Ugly is pretty
- Hairspray - and lots of it!
Mötley Crüe
Mr. David Bowie
Mrs. David Bowie
Yearbook picture
Yearbook picture
80s Sarah Jessica Parker
... lost for words

Real people with 80s hairstyles

You - Available 80s female wigs

Real people with 80s hairstyles

You - Available 80s male wigs

Instructional video
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Female hair - 80s style How to make that perfect 80s hair style. You know you want it

80s hairstyle


80s hair guides

80s hair style guide A guide to make a 80s hairstyle, and more horrible examples of hair
Male hair - 80s style Radical hair styles, and yes, these are males you are looking at