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80s Theme Party

80s theme party of a lifetime

When you have a image, the quality is often poor when you enlarge it to a poster. To fix this, use a program called  Smila Enlarger. This program allows you to enlarge the images, and lose very little quality. This program is also free.

Use Google to find your posters, or try and use these website:


As said before, it takes time and a effort, but ďitís like totally worth it!Ē. You will create a complete 80s atmosphere and experience for your guests.
Notice the Wham! poster in the background
Here you can upload an image file and chose the size of the poster, quick and easy. With this solution you are able to print exactly the poster you want, and to customize new ones. It does however take some time to print and cut the posters. But itís worth the effort. A poster now only costs a fraction of its normal price.


A good way to change the whole room into a 80s theme, is by posters. Posters of movies, pop-stars, movie-stars and so on. But posters can be hard to come by, and expensive. A solution to this could be to print your own posters with Block Posters. - This program is free.


Normal disco light is required for the 80s theme party. But one item is essential: Black Light. This is SO 80s, and can be combined with neon colors. But donít overdo this, as you want a 80s theme party, not a 90s techno party.

Welcome poster

At the entrance place a poster where you take a photo of the guests, as they arrive in their costumes. This poster can contain your name, theme party name or anything you can think up.

This is a great opportunity to get pictures of all of your guests, and make them feel important. Also it creates a nice welcome and act as a quick icebreaker.
This is how the printed papers will look. You have to assemble them with tape.
Assembled WHAM! poster

Better quality for your posters

Totally 80's - Lunch Napkins (16 count)
The decorations are essential to create the right atmosphere for your party. There are plenty possibilities and I will here share a few with you.

Is it in no way possible to change everything a room, therefore the key is to change what your guests might notice, such as light, posters, napkins ect. With very few means you can create a whole new setting for your guests.

It can be difficult and take time to find the right decorations, therefore I have prepared the best ideas for your party.
Totally 80's - 9 oz. Paper Cups (8 count)
Awesome 80's Cutouts (4 count)
Place napkins on the tables and in the bar. This is a great subliminal message that yells 80s!
As for the napkins as goes for the cups.
Decorate your room with 80s messages like this. This give a great atmosphere and later on the  Facebook pictures looks great ;-)

Easy decorations

A nice and easy way to quickly decorate your room is to buy the decorations and accessories cheap. You are going to buy napkins and cups anyway, so why not buy them with a 80s theme?

The key is to have as many items as possible to yell 80s!! This way your quest can see you have done an effort, and will most likely award you with a great party. In other words, they feel more free to really party on in the spirit of the theme you have created.

Contact: 80s-theme-party@wew.dk
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80s Decorations

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Let's Dance  126x45 cm - 12 A4 papers

Download ready to use files

Miami Vice "Party on"  63x80 cm - 9 A4 papers
PDF file Ready to print
JPEG file
JPEG file
PDF file Ready to print